The Republic of Djibouti

Article 1st of the Constitution of September 15, 1992: The State of Djibouti is a democratic and sovereign Republic. One and indivisible. 
 It guarantees everyone equality before the law regardless of language, origin, race, sex or religion. It respects all beliefs. 
 Her motto is “Unity, Equality, Peace”. 
 Its principle is government of the people, by the people and for the people. 
 Its official languages ​​are Arabic and French.


Article 2nd: The capital of the State is Djibouti. 
 The flag of the Republic is blue, green with a white five-pointed red star.


Act No. 91/AN/00/4ème L of 10 July 2000, defining the seal of the Republic

Article 1 st : The seal of the Republic of Djibouti is represented by a laurel wreath within which are a spear and a shield surmounted by a five-pointed star. The shield and spear are surrounded on both sides by two hands holding each of the traditional Djiboutian dagger.

Article 2 nd : The laurel wreath is representative of the peace recognized to the people of Djibouti after his victory to access to the independence in 27 June 1977. The shield, lance and the star symbolize the defense of national sovereignty and integrity of the Territory. Both traditional daggers held by two hands symbolize the culture and traditions of the people as the foundation of National Solidarity.